About Us

Kiedler is an Indonesian independent online retailer of educative toys and learning resources. Kiedler aims to provide customer with the highest quality of educational product at the most competitive prices. We carefully selected a high quality, innovative and valuable educational products for our customers.

Since childhood cannot be repeated, with no doubt, a closer relationship between parents and children is very essential for children's development process. In here, Kiedler tries to mediate parent and children relationship by supplying the best educational products to strengthen parenthood bond while providing a chance for children to learn and play with the right toys.

We believe that for children, play is the path for children to learn. With the right educational products, children will develop a deeper understanding on what they learned. Thus Kiedler focuses on providing a broad line of distinguish educational products that involve puzzles, science, mathematics, art and craft, construction, language, geographic and social studies.

For more information on our general products, wholesale inquires, and other questions, please feel free to contact us.

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